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What Brew Notice Costs

January 2016

I'm always fascinated when companies post their expenses publicly. I thought it'd be interesting to do something similar for Brew Notice, despite our small size.

Here's what it takes to serve ~700 users and check the tap lists of ~150 bars every few minutes:

Item Monthly Cost
brewnotice.com Domain Name $0.83
Roughly $10 per year
SSL Certificate
Several companies offer free SSL certs
Google Apps
2 email addresses
Digital Ocean Server $5
For sending ~600 emails per day
We paid $8 in all of 2015

So there you have it. We run Brew Notice for a whopping $16.49 every month.

Missing from this table is our own time, which we don't plan to pay ourselves for any time soon. Nor are we including the cost of the beer we toss our tender-hearted SysAdmin, who somehow keeps all of this going on a $5 Digital Ocean server.