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Disable Screen Sleep on Raspberry Pi

There are many different links recommending you update many different config files to disable the screen from sleeping on a Raspberry Pi, but this is the simplest solution I've come across.

Including External Template Files in a Backbone App Without a Server

I have a simple Backbone app that is being compiled down using gulp and browserify. I wanted to be able to include my template file with a simple node require() method, but node doesn't like importing anything but JS files.

Resize UIImage Largest Side in Swift

I'm knee deep in Swift these days, and am working a lot with the UIImage object. I couldn't find a quick extension method that allowed me to resize an image based on the largest side, so I wrote one.

Search Query in URL Breaking Wordpress Template

While creating a custom Wordpress template, my site would crash when adding the search query string in the url.

Registering Nib Text Field Event in Parent View

I've created a custom UiTableViewCell nib with a text field, and I've had a hell of a time figuring out how to register text changes in my parent view. I didn't find anything through Googling, so I figured I'd contribute the solution I figured out, using Swift.