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Mocking the Javascript Intl Object with Jest

I wrote a method to check whether or not the given environment (the browser or the node environment) has native Intl support. There's a bit of a trick to this because there's three possible states...

Determine if on iPhone X in React Native

With the release of the iPhone X, I've found myself needing to have special conditions in a few of my React Native styles. Below is what I'm using to do that check.

Simple React Project Boilerplate

A lot of the current React Boilerplate projects feel so bloated to me, with a ton of extras that I don't need. I've created this simple React Boilerplate that has the absolutely bare essentials.

My Sourdough Recipe

Over the past few months, I've been teaching myself how to make sourdough bread. With a lot of different input from a lot of different people, I've figured out my preferred recipe. I'll keep this post updated as I tweak my methods.

Disable Screen Sleep on Raspberry Pi

There are many different links recommending you update many different config files to disable the screen from sleeping on a Raspberry Pi, but this is the simplest solution I've come across.