Aaron Presley

Road Trip Summary November 27, 2012

8 days of being back in Texas. The best thing so far has been having an excuse to use my sunglasses, which were very underutilized in the Pacific Northwest. Here are some random stats from my drive back. It's really an unimpressive amount of data - I'm mostly just putting it up here for me to reference later.

The Map

The Numbers

Day 1 Left from Portland, OR
Time Started 10:15 am PST
Time Stopped 11:45 pm UTC
Ending City Provo, UT
Total Fill-ups 2
Total Distance 809 miles
Day 2 Left from Provo, UT
Time Started 9:45 am UTC
Time Stopped 3:45 am CST
Ending City Midland, TX
Total Fill-ups 4
Total Distance 964 miles

Basically: it was a long trip. The first day was the most scenic, so I made more stops to smell the roses, so to speak. On the second day, once I got through the most of Utah, it was nothing I hadn't seen countless times. I was able to just power through to finally arrive home at 4 am.

The highlight of the trip was around 2 am in Somewhere, TX. I was cruising at 80 mph down a 2 lane highway where the only lights I could see were the stars. I decided to pull over and enjoy the view. The complete and utter silence of being in the middle of literally nowhere was pretty creepy. Staring up at the bright stars, I suddenly imagined a pack of coyotes surrounding me and preparing to attack at any moment, so I quickly ran back to the safety of my 4Runner.

I'm already brainstorming on where to go next. It seems that staying in one place for too long isn't in the cards for me right now. I'm okay with that.