Aaron Presley

Driving November 17, 2012

One of my favorite things to do is daydream. You'd think this would be a simple hobby to have, but it turns out there aren't that many opportunities in a responsible adult's day-to-day life to let the mind just wander.

Some (most) of this is my own fault. When I'm standing in line at the grocery store, I guess I could let my mind wander. Instead I end up being distracted by someone coughing on my back, or most likely, I end up checking email or Facebook on my phone. At home, there's usually some kind of movie on or I'm checking my iPad and catching up on news. When sitting in front of my computer at work, my mind is occupied by remembering variable names or filtering out foot tapping from coworkers. It feels like my brain is in overdrive all day, with very little time to itself.

That's why I love driving, I think. When on the road to Somewhere, I can't (read: shouldn't) check my email or talk on the phone - there's usually no signal anyway. My computer and iPad are tucked away in their respective boxes. All there is to do is scream my music and let my mind change along with each city I pass through. My windows are usually down and a cigar is usually lit. The hardest decision I have to make is whether or not I'm craving beef jerky or Subway. (Hint: it's usually neither)

Some of my biggest life decisions were made while rolling over the top of an Interstate with cruise control on. I see the open road as my quiet zone, and my quiet zone is very important to me.

Today I'll be starting my 6th cross-country drive. I'm not sure what decisions will come of it, and honestly none have to. I'm leaving one stage of life and going headfirst into another - that alone will require some thought and cigars.

Distance 1,778 miles
Time to Complete 2.5 days
Time in Car 31 hours
Cigars to Smoke 4
Bathroom Breaks 6