Aaron Presley

Django Autocomplete in Atom November 11, 2015

I've made the switch from the endlessly buggy PyCharm to the beautiful (and kind of slow sometimes) Atom. The thing I missed most about PyCharm, though, was the awesome autocomplete with working in Django.

I went through several Atom packages before finding the one that worked best: autocomplete-python. There is some setup required. Here's how I got it working.

  • In Atom, go to Settings > Install
  • Search for "autocomplete-python" and click "Install"
  • Go to the packages Settings (in the Packages section of Atom's settings)
  • Enter the path to your virtualenv's site-packages dir in the Extra PATH setting.
  • Restart Atom

This will obviously help with all Python autocomplete. I was specifically searching for Django autocomplete and never saw anything helpful come up. Enjoy!