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Things I've Written

Multiple Node Versions With Full ICU

I have a few different projects that all rely on a different version of node. In a perfect world, I'd be able to use the Node Version Manager. However, currently the nvm command breaks when passing the --with-intl=full-icu argument.

What I have to do instead, is build multiple versions of node from source, and manually switch. Here's how I'm doing it.

Mocking the Javascript Intl Object with Jest

I wrote a method to check whether or not the given environment (the browser or the node environment) has native Intl support. There's a bit of a trick to this because there's three possible states...

Determine if on iPhone X in React Native

With the release of the iPhone X, I've found myself needing to have special conditions in a few of my React Native styles. Below is what I'm using to do that check.

Simple React Project Boilerplate

A lot of the current React Boilerplate projects feel so bloated to me, with a ton of extras that I don't need. I've created this simple React Boilerplate that has the absolutely bare essentials.

My Sourdough Recipe

Over the past few months, I've been teaching myself how to make sourdough bread. With a lot of different input from a lot of different people, I've figured out my preferred recipe. I'll keep this post updated as I tweak my methods.

Disable Screen Sleep on Raspberry Pi

There are many different links recommending you update many different config files to disable the screen from sleeping on a Raspberry Pi, but this is the simplest solution I've come across.

Including External Template Files in a Backbone App Without a Server

I have a simple Backbone app that is being compiled down using gulp and browserify. I wanted to be able to include my template file with a simple node require() method, but node doesn't like importing anything but JS files.

Resize UIImage Largest Side in Swift

I'm knee deep in Swift these days, and am working a lot with the UIImage object. I couldn't find a quick extension method that allowed me to resize an image based on the largest side, so I wrote one.

Search Query in URL Breaking Wordpress Template

While creating a custom Wordpress template, my site would crash when adding the search query string in the url.

Registering Nib Text Field Event in Parent View

I've created a custom UiTableViewCell nib with a text field, and I've had a hell of a time figuring out how to register text changes in my parent view. I didn't find anything through Googling, so I figured I'd contribute the solution I figured out, using Swift.

High Resolution Android Device Template

I've had a hell of a time finding a high resolution Android device on a blank background. Most of them have annoying glares or a dumb shadow that's hard to cut around...

What Brew Notice Costs

I'm always fascinated when companies post their expenses publicly. I thought it'd be interesting to do something similar for Brew Notice, despite our small size.

Secure, Infrequent Posts

For no reason in particular, I've added SSL to this site. Yay me!

Add Confirm Password Field to UserSerializer in Django Rest Framework

I'm pretty new to the Django Rest Framework in general, but I had a hell of a time figuring out how to add a "confirm_password" field to my UserSerializer model.

Django Autocomplete in Atom

I've made the switch from the endlessly buggy PyCharm to the beautiful (and kind of slow sometimes) Atom. The thing I missed most about PyCharm, though, was the awesome autocomplete with working in Django.

Departing for: South America

Ten years ago I got it into my head that I really, really wanted to go to South America...

Installing SABnzbd on the Synology DS416j

I just got my Synology DS416j and it's awesome. The bummer is that the package source at SynoCommunity don't work with it.

PyCharm Not Starting Django/Flask App

This problem has plagued me for months now. One day, PyCharm boots up my app fine. The next it gives the following error...

Integrating Mixpanel into a Swift iOS Project

Mixpanel is a great service, but their iOS Integration page doesn't even mention the word swift, let alone how to get it integrated into a new project.

Rolling Gourmet Fusion - Sushi

Rolling Gourmet Fusion is a cart a few coworkers visit religiously. Today was my first time to go myself, and it will definitely be added to my rotation.

Steak Your Claim

Today's cart, Steak Your Claim, wasn't a great Cheesesteak. I hear Cheese Wiz is how they're "really" made in PA...

Noodle House

The Noodle House has been a favorite cart of mine for a while now.

Rua - Vietnamese

Today's cart, Rùa, was unexpectedly great. Not that I was anticipating anything bad, but this cart is relatively nondescript.

Building your iOS app for use in the Appium GUI

Appium seems to be the best option out there for functionally testing your iOS apps. However, there doesn't seem to be great documentation on how to get your iOS app built and ready to be used with Appium.

Taste of India

Today's cart was another regular: Taste of India. This is a great place if you're willing to wait a bit. The payoff is a huge amount of delicious food.

808 Grinds - Hawaiian

Today was the first cart I've hit that's been a regular of mine previously. 808 Grinds is a pretty great option for Hawaiian food in this pod, if only for their awesome Habanero Teriyaki sauce.

Portland Masala

Today's cart, Portland Masala, was all-around great.


Next up is Thick - Deep Dish Pizza.

Thai Food Factory

Today's cart is the poorly named Thai Food Factory. I didn't have huge expectations for this cart, mostly because the name is terrible.

Script to Update a Digital Ocean A Record

I've been using a subdomain to point to my home IP address for years now. It's great, but pretty annoying when my IP address changes randomly. I decided I wanted a bash script to keep my Digital Ocean A Record updated with my external IP.

Setting up SABnzbd + SickBeard

It took me a long time to figure out the best workflow for my media center setup. After a lot of trial and error, I've finally found something that works for me.

La Camel

Today's lunch was at La Camel. Their Spicy Chicken Wrap was pretty good. I'm not feeling very eloquent today.

A Little Bit of Smoke

Despite how much Carolina BBQ offends my Texan heritage, I've been excited to check out A Little Bit of Smoke.

Oregonian Bites

Today's cart was Oregonian Bites, and this was the first negative cart experience I've had so far.

The Frying Scotsman

Today was Cod Fish & Chips from The Frying Scotsman.

Beijing House

Today's cart was Beijing House. They have the typical items on their menu: Sweet & Sour Chicken, Mandarin Chicken, General Tao Chicken, etc.

Bing Mi - Chinese Crepes

The first victim in my quest to visit every food cart at the Alder Cart Pod was Bing Mi.

Setting Up Continuity on Yosemite & iOS

On Day 1 of the new Continuity features on Yosemite & iOS, it wasn't very easy for me to find a guide to setting it all up. Here's one.

Git Branch Tab Complete

Long git branches happen to the best of us. This is a great way to add tab-complete to your git commands - including your branches.

Swift iOS Development From Scratch

Swift is very, very new. As such, there aren't a lot of tutorials out there for people who have done literally zero iOS development in the past. I've only been tinkering around with it for a few days, but there's not a lot of information out there for starting from zero.

My Backup Strategy

I've recently become obsessed with obtaining the perfect backup strategy. I've previously used Backblaze, but a few things have always prevented me from being fully satisfied.

Setting up Django on Mac OS X 10.9

It took me some time to figure out the best way to get Django going on my Mac OS X 10.9. Here is a guide to what I eventually started doing.

Free IE testing on Mac OS X

Testing IE on a Mac is always a pain. Luckily, Microsoft provides free VMs to use for testing. Those, along with VirtualBox, can create a not-horrible way to test your sites in IE.

Glassdoor Transparent Logo

After needing a transparent, high-quality vector or png of the Glassdoor icon, I was forced to make my own.


Since I was a kid, I've had a natural bent toward technology. When I learned of programming, my interest exploded in that specific category and I've never looked back.

A Good Year

A year ago I quit an awesome job. I had a lot of ideas of what would happen, and what my life would look like a year in. Some predictions were accurate; some weren't even close. Here's what I've learned...

Deploying a Flask Project on WebFaction

I've been thoroughly enjoying my exodus from PHP to Python. My first self-assignment was to develop a Flask project, which came easily enough. The more difficult step was deploying it to WebFaction.

Awesome Dropdown: a jQuery Plugin

In an effort to start making some of my code public, I decided to open up one of my more recent jQuery plugins. I'm not very good at naming things, so I'm calling it Awesome Dropdown. You can view the BitBucket repo here.

Being Happy

I came across this link giving 10 tip to reduce stress at your work.

Cause for the Chromebook

Last week I bought the Samsung Chromebook. A few days before, my sister was telling me that she needed something between an iPad and a laptop.

Goal Oriented

If New Years has taught me anything, it's that it's really, really easy to declare a new goal. It's absurdly simple for me to feel that electric shock of motivation and make a vow for change.

A Week in San Francisco

I spent last week in San Francisco. I honestly didn't know what to expect from the place. Maybe a few parts Portland, a few parts pretentiousness, and a few parts scenery? Well, my predictions turned out to be spot-on.

A Freelancer's Daydream

A few months back, when I would picture myself freelancing, it always involved one thing: waking up whenever I wanted.


This section of The Onion article rang particularly powerful for me...

On Being Unknown

I've spent most of my life in Midland. Roughly 75% has been spent in this West Texas desert - among the mesquite trees and the heat.

PHP mail function on Mac OSX

For whatever reason, my PHP mail() function stopped working a few months back. It hasn't been an issue until now, so some searching brought me to this solution.

Scheduling Emails in Gmail

I'm a compulsive emailer. If there's an email sitting in my inbox, it's because that's where I want it - not because I haven't read it. A new email rarely remains unchecked and organized for more than an hour. The complexity of my filters and labels make an Opus 12 look like a child's toy.

Road Trip Summary

8 days of being back in Texas. The best thing so far has been having an excuse to use my sunglasses, which were very underutilized in the Pacific Northwest. Here are some random stats from my drive back.

Back in Texas

After 31 hours of driving, 6 fill-ups, 1 cigar (much less than expected), and a lot of podcasts, I rolled into the driveway at 4am on Tuesday morning. The view along the way wasn't bad.


One of my favorite things to do is daydream. You'd think this would be a simple hobby to have, but it turns out there aren't that many opportunities in a responsible adult's day-to-day life to let the mind just wander.

Portland Past

In this picture with terrible quality is everything I count as worth keeping. Don't be fooled: I accumulated a ton of stuff over my ~2 years here, but it turns out that, when it came down to it, I only have a few things worth the precious space in my 4Runner.

Seeking Output

I've been a huge fan of This American Life for years now. I love not only their integrity to the facts, but their care in story telling.

Seattle Days

Over my ~1.5 years spent in Portland, I had only spent one evening enjoying Seattle. This week I decided that if I didn't make it back now, I'd never do it.

Moonwalking with Einstein

This is an insanely interesting book that I've been devouring the past few days. I heard about it from Bill Gates' Summer Reading List.

The Art of Transition

In light of the fact that I'm leaving Portland soon, I've been thinking about the idea of transition.

On Leaving

When I came to Portland last year, I honestly had no idea what to expect. In my mind I pictured a parade of potential best friends lining the street as I drove into town.