Aaron Presley

Scheduling Emails in Gmail

I’m a compulsive emailer. If there’s an email sitting in my inbox, it’s because that’s where I want it – not because I haven’t read it. A new email rarely remains unchecked and organized for more than an hour. The complexity of my filters and labels make an Opus 12 look like a child’s toy. The thing that was […]

Road Trip Summary

8 days of being back in Texas. The best thing so far has been having an excuse to use my sunglasses, which were very underutilized in the Pacific Northwest. Here are some random stats from my drive back. It’s really an unimpressive amount of data – I’m mostly just putting it up here for me […]

Back in Texas

After 31 hours of driving, 6 fill-ups, 1 cigar (much less than expected), and a lot of podcasts, I rolled into the driveway at 4am on Tuesday morning. The view along the way wasn’t bad.


One of my favorite things to do is daydream. You’d think this would be a simple hobby to have, but it turns out there aren’t that many opportunities in a responsible adult’s day-to-day life to let the mind just wander. Some (most) of this is my own fault. When I’m standing in line at the […]

Portland Past

In this picture with terrible quality is everything I count as worth keeping. Don’t be fooled: I accumulated a ton of stuff over my ~2 years here, but it turns out that, when it came down to it, I only have a few things worth the precious space in my 4Runner. Tonight I will have a goodbye […]

Seeking Output

I’ve been a huge fan of This American Life for years now. I love not only their integrity to the facts, but their care in story telling. I knew when I heard this quote from Ira that it was something I needed to remember, but it quickly got knocked off the edge of my memory until this post […]

Seattle Days

Over my ~1.5 years spent in Portland, I had only spent one evening enjoying Seattle. This week I decided that if I didn’t make it back now, I’d never do it. I hopped a train and was in the center of downtown in 3 and a half hours. It turned out to be a fantastic decision. Hostel […]

Moonwalking with Einstein

This is an insanely interesting book that I’ve been devouring the past few days. I heard about it from Bill Gates’ Summer Reading List. A few years ago I decided I was terrible at remembering names and wanted to improve. The only way I was able to teach myself to get better was through mnemonic […]

The Art of Transition

In light of the fact that I’m leaving Portland soon, I’ve been thinking about the idea of transition. Previously, the biggest move I’ve experienced was going from Dallas to here. By the time I rolled out of town, though, a lot of my closest friends were mostly doing their own thing – or gone entirely. […]

On Leaving

When I came to Portland last year, I honestly had no idea what to expect. In my mind I pictured a parade of potential best friends lining the street as I drove into town. What I got instead was a lot of rain, frustratingly narrow streets, no parking lots to be found, and an unfurnished […]