Here's a running list of my current and past projects.

Brew Notice

This is a side project I run with a friend. I designed everything you see on the site and both the iOS and Android apps. I developed all of the site’s frontend, and some of the API. I also developed the iOS app, while my friend coded the Android app to my designs.


Illustrator CC HTML 5 CSS 3 Javascript
Python Swift

Cellar Stash

I made this simple iOS to help me keep track of the beer I have stored throughout my apartment. It allows you to log the beer, take pictures of the label, and enter some basic information. You can optionally backup your data to Dropbox as well.


Illustrator CC Swift


On behalf of Jolby & Friends I help maintain and improve this complex Django site for Remo. It has a Django backend and a Backbone frontend. It relies heavily on the Django Rest Framework and Elasticsearch.


HTML 5 CSS 3 Javascript Python

Imperial Bottle Shop

My friends at Imperial Bottle Shop wanted a website refresh that was also mobile friendly. I also setup the taplist and bottle list sections to read from a Google Spreadsheet that they keep updated.


HTML 5 CSS 3 Javascript PHP


At Inavero I designed and developed the frontend interface that clients used to manage, read, and report on their customer's satisfaction. I worked with internal teams to improve the interface of existing features, as well as designed new features.


HTML 5 CSS 3 Javascript Python

Best of Staffing

For this project, I was given a stack of mockups and a list of API endpoints to use. I implemented the design into HTML, CSS and JS; then moved it to a Django project where I wrote custom Python wrappers to consume their API.


HTML 5 CSS 3 Javascript Python

Best of Accounting

This is a sister site of the above. I was again given a stack of mockups and not much else. For this project, I designed a workflow for sharing both frontend and backend code between the projects to prevent duplicating efforts.


HTML 5 CSS 3 Javascript Python